Sunday, April 24, 2011

Fear and loathing in

Okay sorry, that title is so cliché'd i'm not even going to finish it.

I'm regularly surprised by  the constant flow of new blogs on the intercloudnet, but they keep popping up, and people keep advertising them on ill-advised places (Facebook!) but now I've jumped on the bandwagon. Woe is me.

If you were wondering what my title was about, I'll finish it:
South Africa.
That's right, I'm an African. But not in the eyes of many. Can a white male South African be considered an African? I've seen a debate on local television, on a drunken Saturday night at about 2 AM, where a large black South African man and a petit white South African woman debated this very point. The man kept insisting that white people could not be considered African. Why? Because they did not originate in South Africa. When asked whether cape coloureds, the majority of whom are considered indentured Indians, could be considered African, the reply was an affirmative

Why is it that this distinction was drawn?
I immediately think it's but pure racism, and I'm trying to think of other reasons but I can not.

Well, people are stupid.


  1. Interesting point. The way I see it is you're African by nationality but not by race.
    Are you a British descendant or what.